Ideas to Explore

  • Understanding the role of mobility and its importance in the 21st century.

  • Tracing the price nature pays for ease of human transportation.

  • Venturing the safety of mobility within our cities and ideating ways to improve the current scenario.

  • Addressing the issue of environmental pollution and work towards sustainable mobility.


  • 1

    Understanding Mobility

    • Welcome to the Lesson!

    • So, what is it?

    • Are cars the only option though? Let's find out!

    • What do we need to enable this movement?

    • But why is mobility so important?

    • What if...

    • Reflect & Discuss

  • 2

    Environmental Price we Pay for Mobility

    • Welcome to the Lesson!

    • What's with all the noise?!

    • There's something in the air!

    • It's getting hotter.

    • Are we running out of space?

    • Our biodiversity is at risk too!

    • What a waste.

    • Do mobility systems pay the price?

    • India's evolving to keep up - so should you! (Change)

    • Reflect & Discuss

  • 3

    Are Mobility Systems in your City Safe & Inclusive?

    • Welcome to the Lesson!

    • What are citizens doing to make mobility in their cities safe and inclusive?

  • 4

    Is it possible to offset or suck our vehicle's carbon emissions?

    • Carbon Reduction - the elephant in the room!