What will you get out of the Program?

  • A deep dive into the United Nations

  • Model UN 101 – including insights on MUN culture, steps to becoming a successful MUN-er

  • Methods & tools for thorough Research & Preparation

  • Skills & hacks for successful Debate & Argumentation 

  • The ABCs of Lobbying, Consensus building, and Bloc formation​

  • Nuances in Documentation & tips for effective Writing​

The #1 Choice for aspiring MUNers

At the end of the program, you are guaranteed to quite literally “emerge” equipped with the know-how to help you with Model UN, academics, and even professional and personal success!


    Online course material constituting insights from subject matter experts, activities, challenges, reflections, tips, videos and more


    Gamified training sessions specifically adapted for your needs led by our carefully curated pool of trainers with a cumulative experience of over 300+ MUNs


    10+ mentorship hours with valuable advice and insights, question hours, activities, and feedback sessions


    A mock model UN committee session planned and executed by our team with precision


    Feedback shared with you – to help assess your performance and progress as a MUN-er

Who will you learn from?

Our trainers for MUNtor


    In the capacity of delegates, organisers, trainers, and executive board members!


    From Yale, Stanford, Cambridge, Geneva Institute, Christ University, Northwestern, NALSAR, Jindal, BITS Pilani, GLC Mumbai and more.

Worldview and Model UN

A comprehensive MUN training program developed and delivered by an organisation that has delivered MUN programs for 30,000+ students in 21+ countries.

 Learn more about Worldview Education's Global Citizenship education initiatives here.

MUN Conferences hosted by Worldview include

HMUN India
HMUN Dubai
OxfordMUN Singapore

What can you expect by the end of the program?

  • Soft skills that will add to their personal and professional development such as communication, adaptability, problem solving, creative and critical thinking.

  • Confidence to ace your next MUN. MUNtor Emerge will cover topics such as styles of argumentation, the ABCs of lobbying and consensus building, quick drafting, or even tips on how to pick a committee and country, styles of diplomacy....and a lot more.

  • Certification upon completion of the program.

Hear from our past MUNtor participants

Heet D, Student

Welham Girls' School, Dehradun, India

The training with MUNtor really helped me understand the overall procedure of an MUN. I had been to one earlier but had to self-learn most of it. The tips provided will be applied by me in all future MUNs. My interest in an MUN has grown even more after this.


The Doon School, Dehradun, India

I quite liked the workshop as the host was very interactive, and the explanations of all the procedures were detailed. To add to that, all of my questions were answered and explained well!

Teacher Coordinator

Takev High School, Turkey

The training was very satisfying and since my delegates are active MUN-ers, the content was perfect! Even my students shared positive feedback!

Teacher Coordinator

Start-Rite School, Nigeria

Thank you for taking the time to train my students. The training was very helpful with great tips, a great presentation, and experienced trainers!

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MUNtor?

    Simply put, it's your Model UN Mentor! MUNtor is a cluster of Model UN resources such as newsletters, courses, programs and more to help students in their Model UN journey.

  • What is MUNtor Emerge?

    MUNtor Emerge is a program curated for beginner to advance level MUN-ers. Designed for schools and students who want to promote growth and adaptive capacity through knowledge acquisition and skill development, the Emerge program uses Model UN as a foundation to build a student’s awareness of the world around them, while instilling in them a sense of global citizenship.

  • Can I sign up as an individual?

    MUNtor programs have school-based and retail (individual) cohorts. So yes, you definitely can sign up as an individual!

  • What is the structure of the Emerge program?

    It begins with the Immerse Stage. This is a self-guided course on Model UN, the curriculum of which can be found on below. Next comes the Converge Stage with three synchronous training sessions. Following this comes the final stage - the Emerge Stage. It is nothing but the Emerge Mock MUN, for you to test your learnings and get feedback on the same.

  • How long does a batch of the program run?

    The program conventionally runs for 3 weeks. The Immerse Stage is 10 hours of learning material. The Converge Stage includes 9 hours of training sessions over two consecutive weekends. And finally, the Emerge Mock MUN is 10 hours long over two days, at the end of the program.

  • Is there certification upon completion of the program?

    Yes, not only do you get certification - you also get free access to our Act2Impact Model UN series set to begin in November. Register to know more!

  • What is the trainer student ratio per session?

    The trainer student ratio is never more than 1:30 to ensure the trainer is able to effectively interact with all participants.

  • What is the review and feedback mechanism for this program?

    While the course has reflective questions and quizzes to help students self-assess, the Mock MUN is built with the purpose of sharing feedback with participants who apply the knowledge acquired over the three weeks and is therefore accompanied with feedback and a comprehensive scoring sheet.

  • What MUN formats does the program cover?

    The program applies exclusively to the HMUN, ILMUNC, YMUN and UNA- USA formats. It does not apply to UN4MUN and any other procedures that are not explicitly mentioned above.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Mothership - The United Nations

    • Welcome!

    • What is the United Nations?

    • Ghosts of UN Past!

    • A detailed (and downloadable) UN system chart!

    • An Introduction to the Organs of the UN

    • Point of Information: How well have you understood the organs of the UN?

    • Share with your MUNtor!

    • Glossary of Terms

  • 2

    A Walk Through the MUNiverse

    • Willkommen!

    • WHAT is Model UN?

    • What is the conference structure in Model UN?

    • WHO will you meet at an MUN?

    • WHY should YOU do Model UN?

    • Point of Information: Are you the next famous MUN-er?

    • Share with MUNtor!

  • 3

    Becoming a MUN-er in 4 Steps

    • Swaagatam!

    • Step 1: Picking a MUN Conference

    • Step 2: Picking a Committee

    • Share with MUNtor!

    • Step 3: Picking a Country/Organisation/Character

    • Who is a Diplomat?

    • Step 4: Becoming a Diplomat

  • 4

    The name of the game - Research!

    • Bienvenidas!

    • 5 baby steps to begin research...

    • First, your COMMITTEE!

    • Moving forward....your COUNTRY.

    • Last, but definitely not the least...your AGENDA.

    • Point of Information: What kind of research must you utilise in your speeches?

    • A (downloadable) laundy list of research sources!

    • Share with your MUNtor!

  • 5

    Preparing for D-Day

    • Aloha!

    • First, let's make that Position Paper

    • A Sample Position Paper

    • Next, it's time to overcome your fears in 6 steps!

    • What makes a BEST delegate?

    • MUN Culture - The Good & The Bad!

    • Virtual MUNs - a sign of the times

    • Share with your MUNtor!

    • Let's talk Etiquette, Dress Code, Schedule, and more!

  • 6

    Rules of Procedure 101

    • Selamat Datang!

    • Flow of Debate

    • Roll Call - attendance...but with consequences

    • Points & Motions!

    • A (downloadable) list of the types of Points & Motions!

    • Speakers List, or the General Speakers List (GSL)

    • A (downloadable) cheat sheet on the Types of Yields

    • Moderated & Unmoderated Caucuses

    • All things Documentation

    • Share with your MUNtor!

    • Voting - do it RIGHT!

    • Point of Information: Have you mastered RoP yet?

  • 7

    Debate - Talking your way to Best Delegate

    • Annyeong Haseyo!

    • Preparing the perfect speech

    • Delivering the perfect speech

    • Motion for Entertainment: Prepare a speech!

    • Chit Writing - the unsung hero!

    • The art of using Points of Information to your advantage - Part 1

    • The art of using Points of Information to your advantage - Part 2

    • Share with your MUNtor!

  • 8

    Lobbying - It's all consensus, consensus, consensus

    • Kia Ora!

    • Types of MUN-ers & working your way around them

    • The 1, 2, 3s of Bloc Formation

  • 9

    Documentation - the linchpin to a successful committee!

    • Dobrodošli!

    • Writing a Resolution

    • A Sample Working Paper

    • Sample Draft Resolution

    • A (downloadable) list of preambulatory & operative clauses!

    • Signatory or sponsor - to be or not to be (downloadable)!

    • Debating & defending a Resolution - a 10 point guide

    • Amending a Resolution

    • Voting on a Resolution - yes, no, or abstain?